Our Story

FOXWATER started in 1992 in Campinas - São Paulo, to provide environmental technology, initially, for the treatment of industrial waters from cooling and steam systems.

Over the years, the Brazilian environmental legislation has been consolidated. One of the main natural resources that the legislation meets are the water resources, so the demand for companies specialized in wastewater treatment has grown.

FOXWATER took advantage of the demand to expand the knowledge and services provided, pioneered in Brazil to develop a modular mobile effluent treatment system, to perform the services provision, assembly, operation, maintenance and also, mobile system for sludge dewatering (Filter Press). Pioneer in Brazil.

From this moment, FOXWATER prioritizes being a pioneer in new technologies for complex wastewater treatment.

1998 - Pioneer in wastewater treatment using Advanced Oxidation. Presented at the Environment Congress in Canada - Environmental 2000.

2002 - Services Provision for PETROBRAS.

2004 - Santo Antônio de Posse Unit, located in a larger area.

2004 - Opening of FOXWATER S.A Holding in Montevideo, Uruguay.

2005 - Activated Sludge Treatment for NESTLE in Nicaragua.

2006 - Pilot slurry treatment plant at the Osasco / SP landfill.

2006 - Opening of FOXWATER Centro América in Panama.

2007 - Station is designed to treat 12,000m³ of slurry in the Santos landfill.

2011 - Wastewater Reuse MBR Station for UNILEVER in COSTA RICA.

2012 - FOXWATER is ISO 9000 certified.

2012 - FOXWATER BS unit to serve oily waters in the port of Santos.

2012 - Opening of FOXWATER Hong Kong Limited in China.

2013 - Landfill slurry treatment plant in Rio Claro.

2013 - FOXWATER RJ unit to treat leachate in Rio de Janeiro.

2014 - FOXWATER FIBERS Unit manufacture of tanks and reservoirs for the projects.

2015 - FOXWATER Technology Center and Biotechnology Laboratory.

2018 - Opening of FOXWATER Environmental Services LLC in Houston, United States.

2019 - FOXWATER BAHIA unit for sanitation and water supply projects.

2019 - FOXWATER RN unit for sanitation and water supply projects.