Environmental and Social Responsibility (Sustainability)

The environmental approach always has being part of our business strategy. The water uses, research, develop and offer the best available technology in water and wastewater treatment, encouraged our organization to be established. Today, promote the rational use of this natural resource as well as our positive environmental and social impacts in our operations and services, raises our desire to reach continuous improvement in performing our activity.

Aware of our responsibility in society, pre social evaluations are being provided to new projects to promote and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievement, as defined by United Nations (UN).

Therefore, we ranked the priority areas on SDGs that our activities are focused on:

Our operation and services are organized in an Environmental Management System (EMS) based according to ISO 14001 requirements where aspects and impacts are identified and rated. The Management System is integrated to Quality and Safetyf, allowing shared management of procedures, trainings sessions, action plans, analysis and assessments.